How to Begin a Career in Photography: World Travel

The field of photography has grown a lot in the last few years. Until recently, photography was only used for events like weddings and movies. Still, in recent years, the rise of e-commerce, advertising, mass media, and other fields has led to a big market for skilled photographers.

People these days have a very fast-paced life schedule, and it's hard to keep up with it. We now rely on many different websites to buy clothes, cosmetics, food, and more. Many people are looking for good commercial photographers, like good fashion and food photographers, sports photographers, wildlife photographers, pet photographers, etc.

Develop Your Career as a Photographer 

Take a Class

To make money in the digital photography business, you need to stay updated on new techniques and tools. The length of diploma courses can range from three months to a year. You can get a degree in photography (Bachelor's or Master's), or you can go on to get a diploma.

Some schools that give out Undergraduate diplomas and degrees:

⦁    Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University in Mumbai.
⦁    The Delhi College of Photography is in Delhi.
⦁    Sir J. J, Indian Institute of Applied Arts, Mumbai, Mumbai
⦁    MCC is at Jamia Milia Islamia in New Delhi.
⦁    The Symbiosis School of Photography is in Pune.
⦁    Raghu Rai's Center for Photography is in Gurgaon, Kolkata, and Gurgaon.

Graduating from these schools will help you improve your skills, eliminate your flaws, and learn more. This will help you move forward.

Make sense of the basics

⦁    Registering for a class will help you learn the basics of photography, like:
⦁    Making a frame (Close-up, Mid-shot, Aerial shot, etc.)
⦁    Rule of thirds: This is how the subject should be placed in the picture to make it look better.
⦁    Shutter speed, also known as exposure time, helps make pictures look more dramatic by stopping or blurring the subject's movement.
⦁    People who know these basics will take well-balanced and interesting pictures.

Participate in competitions or take up jobs as an intern

Taking part in photography competitions and other events can help you grow, learn about yourself, and improve your skills. They give you a chance to have your work looked at and critiqued by a group of people who have the right skills for the job. Teaching their ideas improves your work and makes you want to do better in the next task. Do internships, look for freelance work, do pro bono work for cafes and products, or get a job in any photo you like. It will allow you to meet and connect with people who have the same interests.

Create a Self-Contained Niche

It is important to try out different types of photography to learn about other parts of photography. You will learn more about your strengths and build up your knowledge in the areas you want to work on by going into different fields. If you want to be a photographer, try to find a niche in that field.

Make a portfolio, blog, or website

If you like to display your skills, you need to do good work. There are many ways to make your portfolio, blog, or website into a marketing brochure for you. Making a portfolio lets people know what you think, how well you can do things, and so on, and it gives you a more professional look. You can show off your work to get more attention on a blog or website. Portfoliobox,, Fabrik, Folio HD, 500px, Paulakluth, and ASCD are some of the places where you can learn how to make your portfolio.

Photography requires a lot of equipment

Good tools are important. You can ensure the pictures are good and have the right angle with high-quality equipment like IMAX or DSLR cameras. A lens is important to give you a wide range of shot options. Choose a lens based on the kind of photography you like.

Some More Tips:

Go with your money. Start with a point-and-shoot or a camera on your phone. You may switch to a DSLR after showing that you are interested, talented, and passionate about the field. Try out cameras from brands like Canon, Nikon, or Sony to see what they look like. It lets you play with many manual settings and take detailed, high-resolution pictures.

It is fine to attempt a few cameras and lenses before making such a big investment. Photography allows you to work for businesses, e-commerce websites, magazines, and on your own as a freelancer. People who work in a very technical field need to be very precise, have a good eye for lighting and detail, and have a lot of patience.

Published on: 3/3/22, 4:24 AM